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Cookies in tote bag
72 fresh assorted cookies
Chocolate fondue kit
4 flavors to choose from
Birthday kit !
petits fours and cookie dough bonbons
Patriotic Petits fours
with star pop!
Marshmallow Star Pops
3 pack
Baby Shower Petits Fours
Made to order
Hey Babe!
Teddy bear and petits fours
Tea Tray with Petits Fours
Marshmallow Flower Pops
3 Pack
Spring Petits Fours
with flower pop!
Raspberry S’mores

S'mores Toasting Kit
Web special price!
Chef Torch

Telescoping S’more Skewers

Peacock Tray and Hand Towels

Glitter Tart Servers
Click for more color options!
Vanilla Bean S’mores

Patriotic Petits Fours

Cinnamon S’mores

Jet Set Halter Apron

Tea Tray with Cookies

Campfire Cookery

26 Oz Tea Pot

Calypso Tray

Calypso Mug Set

Ciao Biscotti

Skirted Pedestal

Black and white floral tray

Pedestal Bowl with Biscotti

Flat Top Cake Pedestal

Bon Bon Pedestal Bowl

MIraposa Candy Dish

Cake Knife and Server
Click for more color options!
Fiori Norma Apron