Cookie Tin

OUR COOKIES ARE NOW 40% LARGER! 36 decadent cookies shipped in a reusable rose gold tin. This signature assortment contains 6 of each of the flavors below. What’s more fun than a tin of cookies anyway?

Chocolate lovelies:Deep dark sandwich cookie filled with chocolate ganache.

Cardamom Lovelies: Buttery cardamom sandwich cookie filled with apricot jam.

Chocolate Chip Grahams: Honey graham cookie with Valrhona chocolate chips.

Marble Cookie (chocolate): Vanilla and chocolate dough combined to make one delicious cookie!

Marble Cookie (matcha): Vanilla and matcha dough combined to make this perfect tea time treat.

Molasses Spice: A spicy blend of ginger, black pepper, cinnamon and cloves add some kick to this sweet and super soft cookie.

Assortment may vary slightly

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